Scrubbing the hull of your boat

Haines Boatyard asked to pass on the following message as they are unsure we understand the time pressure the yard is under to complete the hull cleaning to the schedule.  They say:-

“It would also be really helpful if you could let everyone know that although we have always been very successful at keeping to the schedule we will be under considerable time pressure to achieve it. This is particularly true of the weeks when we are scrubbing the Swallows and Sunbeams as their combined numbers are greater. We can only scrub for a limited time each day and some days, if the tides are bad, not at all. Last year we had one week when it was very windy and the tides unhelpful which meant that we did not manage to clean all the boats. On this occasion we also had one man fall into the water because they were trying to continue when really they should have stopped for safety reasons. ”

Any further questions, please contact the Managing Director John Tremlett

Launching and hauling up

The XOD Class Association rule C.7.1 states:

a. Each racing season a boat may be launched at the owner’s wish, thereafter she may not be out of the water for more that 50 hours in any consecutive 14 days, except in special circumstances and then only with the leave of the Divisional Captain.

b. To be eligible to race at Cowes Week, a boat must have been launched prior to July 1st, except in special circumstances and then only with the leave of the Divisional Captain.

c. Subject to C.7.1.a above, or to rules enforced by a division for racing within that division, a boat’s bottom may be scrubbed as frequently as an owner desires.

With reference to Rule C.7.1.c above, the Itchenor Division rules for racing within Itchenor Division is that to maintain fair competition the Division permits underwater hull cleaning (scrubbing) normally only once each fortnight during weeks specified at the start of the season (see below).  A boat may then be hauled up or beached and any method of cleaning may be used.  Other than in the week specified, the under water hull may only be cleaned by permission of the Divisional Captain or as is possible from aboard the boat whilst afloat.