Wednesday Evening Racing Duties

Please email the Vice Captain, with your choice of dates

Date PRO ARO RIB helper High Water Number of
boats sailed
19th April  John Long Tina Scott Adrian West Susie Alexander 17.57 7
26th April  David McGregor Renee


 Beverley Coghlan Susie Alexander 12.06 8 *3
3rd May  John Long Tina Scott Adrian West  Philip Seguad 18.15  8.2
10th May  Steve Dover Chris Leaver  JimHorsley  Ivan Western 12.19  7.4.1
17th May  Roger Yeoman Chris Leaver David Priscott 16.32  Cancelled
24th May  Pete Lawrence Jerrold  Alexander David McGregor Susie Alexander 10.54  7.5
31st May  John Long Tina Scott Roger Yeoman 17  12.0
7th June  John Long Tina Scott Robert Morgan 11.15  cancelled
21st June John Long Tina Scott Tony Probert Jim Mackay 9.36  8.5
28th June  Alastair Shaw Mandy Henderson  Tony Monks Susan Monks 15.49 Cancelled
5th July  John Long Tina Scott Roger Yeoman Susie Alexander 9.51  8*7
12th July David McGregor Renee McGregor MichaelMcNish BeverlyCoghlan 14.33  3*4
19th July Chris Blevins  Clare Blevins Gerald Cheyne Robert Morgan 8.02  4*0
26th July  Alastair Shaw Mandy Henderson Roger Yeoman  Susie Alexander 14.35 Cancelled
2nd August Alistair Impey Caroline Marriage


7.54  Cancelled
9th August  David McGregor Robin Wootten 13.31 Cancelled
16th August  John Long Tina Scott Gayle Palmer MalcomOgilvy 19.05  11.4
23rd August Steve Dover Jerrold Alexander  Roger Yeoman 13.26 7.3
30th August  John Long  Tina Scott David McGregor 18.26  1.2
6th September Mike Wigmore Caroline Marriage 12.25 9.2
13th September David McGregor 17.38  Cancelled
20th September Michael McNish David McGregor David McGregor 12.31 8.4
27th September Tina Scott  John Long Tony Monks 16.44 8.3