Mid-Summer Wednesday Night Sail

It was an ideal evening of close racing in a steady force 4 westerly wind for 11 XODs and 2 Swallows. The harbour was beautiful in the sunshine with blue skies. Lass had a new crew as she had been kindly lent out for the evening. Xcitation managed to disappear over the horizon, but the remainder of the fleet, lead by Lass and Beaver, had a very close race to John’s Folly and back. The ladies in Thalia had a great race holding their breathe from Itchenor to the club finish as it was neck to neck up to the line for the rest of the fleet. Tide, wind and crew performance meant it was anyone’s race. The lovely evening was completed by meeting friends in the bar for a drink, exchanging the myths of XOD tuning over an excellent meal.
A perfect mid-summer evening.

1st X50 Xcitation
2nd X80 Lass
3rd 152 Beaver
4th 101 Thora
5th 65 Veronique
6th 103 Minx
7th X116 Thalia
8th X51 Athena
9th X192 Felix
10th X151 Xanadu
11th X154 Drover


Points Week 2018 Results

Benson Platter
4-5 races
X80 Lass
J Tremlett, J Lear, R Bullock, I Andrews
X174 Foxglove               A Ashford, J Ashford
X182 SweetX              Mark Palmer
X91 Australita  M. Martell, T Copsey,        F Graham
75th Anniversary Bowl
Mondays winner must be ISC +XOD member
X80 Lass
J Tremlett, J Lear, R Bullock, I Andrews
David Lipscombe
Thursdays winner
X182 SweetX
Mark Palmer
Dick Hoare Memorial Trophy
Tuesday: 1st Pilsey boat
X192 Felix
Tony Probert
Dions Decanter
Fridays winner
X80 Lass
John Tremlett J Lear R Bullock I Andrews
Grenfell Challenge
WednesdayPM full member of ISC
Milly Bullock X80
Nichola Cook X188
Susie Alexander X55
Beverley Coghlan X51
Hands Cup
Thursday 3.30
Nichola Cook X188
Susie Alexander X55
Beverley X51
Sarah West  X154
Lone Star
Tuesday PM
X80 Lass
John Tremlett
Mike Marsdin on 152
Steve Dover X184
David Priscott X101
Measurers model
X174 Foxglove
Al and Jackie Ashford
Onward Cup
1st Pilsey boat in BP excluding any who have won a prize
X132 Harmony
J & L Tattershall
Skua Trophy
Wednesdaywinner must be helmed by the owner
X80 Lass
J Tremlett, J Lear, R Bullock, I Andrews
Treloar Cup
1st stocker boat in Benson platter
X182 SweetX
Mark Palmer
I/2 bottle Scotch
1/2 way in the fleet Benson Platter
T Roose, B Barnes,   D Priscott


We always know who won the race but here is a list of those who won in their own fleets who have won glasses, some to be presented when we all next meet.

Race:               Winner                 Stocker                           Pilsey                       Winning Boat

A. Trophy                                       X51                                 X152                            X80

A. Fools Mug                                  X158                              X152                            X50

Beeton Cup                                    X51                                 X152                           X50

Falling Leaf       X186                   X130                              X152                            X130

Felix Bowl                                      X51                                X152                            X50

Griffith Challenge                        X158                              X152                            X80

Hutchinson   1                              X55                                 X132                           X80

Joan Shaw                                     X181                               X152                           X186

Leuw Cup                                      X55                                 X152                           X50

Matson Trophy                             X101                               X132                           X80

Morton Reeves                             X51                                 X152                            X80

Tait Trophy                                   X101                               X184                            X50




Summer Series 1 Results

Rank Boat Sail No R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total Net
1st Terrapin (S) 158 3.0 3.0 4.0 3.0 (0.0) DNC (0.0) DNC 13.0 10.0
2nd Beaver (P) 152 (0.0) DNC (0.0) DNC 0.0 DNC 6.0 3.0 0.0 DNC 9.0 9.0
3rd Mary Tudor (S) 100 2.0 2.0 (0.0) DNC 2.0 (0.0) DNC 0.0 DNC 6.0 6.0
4th Felix (P) 192 1.0 (0.0) DNC 2.0 (0.0) DNC 2.0 1.0 6.0 6.0
5th Harmony (P) 132 (0.0) DNC (0.0) DNC 0.0 DNC 5.0 0.0 DNC 0.0 DNC 5.0 5.0
6th Xtravagance (S) 181 (0.0) DNC (0.0) DNC 0.0 DNC 4.0 1.0 0.0 DNC 5.0 5.0
7th Whisper (P)


134 (0.0) DNC 1.0 3.0 1.0 (0.0) DNC 0.0 DNC 5.0 5.0
8th Magic Dragon (S) 82
  1. DNC
4.0 (0.0) DNC 0.0 DNC 0.0 DNC 0.0 DNC 4.0 4.0
9th Sweet X (W) 182
  1. DNC
  1. DNC
0.0 DNC 0.0 DNC 0.0 DNC 2.0 2.0 2.0
10th Xanadu (P) 151
  1. DNC
  1. DNC
1.0 0.0 DNC 0.0 DNC 0.0 DNC 1.0 1.0
Boats Racing   3 4 4 6 3 2

Points Week Results


Benson Platter:    1st   X80  Lass             John Tremlett, Jeremy Lear, R Bullock, I Andrews

2nd  X50   Xcitation         Roger Yeoman and Mike Moss

3rd  X91   Astralita         Mike Martell, Fraser Graham, Tim Copsey.

4th  X51   Athena            David, Renee  McGregor, Beverley Coghlan

5th  X175 Gin                 Guests, Jonathan Clark, James Meaning & others

Treloar Trophy:       X51 Athena

Onward Cup:           X152 Beaver    C & Clare Blevins, W & P Plant, M Marsdin

Halfway:                  X73 Zephyr                Peter Taylor

75th Anniversary Bowl:    X55 Falconet   A Perry, R Parker, J Dunn, P Lawrence

Measurers Model:                X26 Catherine  Colin McKinnon, Neil, Ros Hart

Skua Trophy:                        X91 Astralita

David Lipscombe Trophy: X50  Xcitation

Dion’s Decanter:                  X 50 Xcitation

Dick Hoare Memorial Trophy: X152 Beaver C & Clare Blevins, W &  P Plant,  M Marsdin

Lone Star:                           Al Ashford                  X 174 Foxglove

Grenfell Challenge Cup:  Nicki Cath                   X189 Onyx

Hands Cup:                         Ged Roope                   X 101 Thora