No Wind

Light winds this weekend but it didn’t put off the X fleet. Lots of people arrived on Saturday and had coffee and bacon and egg sandwiches which I was told is essential for light wind sailing.

After a discussion at 10am we decided to call it a day. So X’s all assembled on the benches in the sun for a very useful Question and Answer session- We ask the questions John Tremlett and Steve Lawrence answer them. It was an extremely useful session and everyone thought we should arrange more next season. – Sorry John and Steve – you’re booked! – All in all a beautiful sunny day to mess around boats and have a spot of lunch in the sun.


Sunday morning the club was very busy with everyone watching the flags, waiting and hoping for the winds to change. They didn’t and racing was cancelled. Another beautiful morning so everyone stayed in their respective groups and put the world to right for a couple of hours.

Sadly this was Merlin’s last sail of the season but for the rest of you just one more day left. Its the last race for Falling leaf and the Autumn Trophy which go to the results for the divisional champion, Stocker Salver,  Pilsey Pint, Bowerbank Trophy, and the Morton Reeves.

See you on the water, maybe.




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