Awesome weekend racing

Along with many others we reluctantly decided not to go out on Saturday with the wind gusts on every site predicted to be between 30-40 knots, how wrong they all were. It was sunny, warm, very windy and choppy but not as bad as the previous week- so I’m told. Eight “daredevils” went out for a late midday start in the hope that the winds would drop – and 2 back to back race were held. P.S. Everyone really appreciated the race being delayed so sailing could commence at midday.
So yesterday I thought it would be much quieter but the skipper said it was much the same. Anyway it was 2 great races in 15-20 knots, both very different and not for the faint hearted. Three guest Swallow sailors joined Lass, Phoenix and Merlin for the first time. We gave them wind, fun and lots of competition so they couldn’t complain- In fact it poured with rain from above and waves of sea water poured over the decks and us- being soaked from every which way- not sure which was the wetter! I realised how much my wet gear leaked when I got home and attempted to remove sopping wet jeans.
Fortunately I’d been shopping at the Southampton Boat Show so the new stuff is now in operation and the old – in the bin!
As for the Autumn Trophy its neck and neck with Xcitation one point ahead of Lass.
Almost finished the Beadle Bowl so Beaver get out there next week and it could be yours!
Falling Leaf has just 2 more races, two more weekends and then its all over bar the laying up supper and the rest of the prize giving. IMG_0701
SO DON’T FORGET THE LAYING UP SUPPER. Are there any other X’s out there who want to join us on an XOD table or two. Its  £32.00
As always, at the end of the season there are boats looking for cost sharers/owners if anyone is interested please email me.
As always let me know if you want a crew or need a helm for next weeks racing
See you on the water – in Merlin

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