Mid-Summer Wednesday Night Sail

It was an ideal evening of close racing in a steady force 4 westerly wind for 11 XODs and 2 Swallows. The harbour was beautiful in the sunshine with blue skies. Lass had a new crew as she had been kindly lent out for the evening. Xcitation managed to disappear over the horizon, but the remainder of the fleet, lead by Lass and Beaver, had a very close race to John’s Folly and back. The ladies in Thalia had a great race holding their breathe from Itchenor to the club finish as it was neck to neck up to the line for the rest of the fleet. Tide, wind and crew performance meant it was anyone’s race. The lovely evening was completed by meeting friends in the bar for a drink, exchanging the myths of XOD tuning over an excellent meal.
A perfect mid-summer evening.

1st X50 Xcitation
2nd X80 Lass
3rd 152 Beaver
4th 101 Thora
5th 65 Veronique
6th 103 Minx
7th X116 Thalia
8th X51 Athena
9th X192 Felix
10th X151 Xanadu
11th X154 Drover


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