Points Week Results


Benson Platter:    1st   X80  Lass             John Tremlett, Jeremy Lear, R Bullock, I Andrews

2nd  X50   Xcitation         Roger Yeoman and Mike Moss

3rd  X91   Astralita         Mike Martell, Fraser Graham, Tim Copsey.

4th  X51   Athena            David, Renee  McGregor, Beverley Coghlan

5th  X175 Gin                 Guests, Jonathan Clark, James Meaning & others

Treloar Trophy:       X51 Athena

Onward Cup:           X152 Beaver    C & Clare Blevins, W & P Plant, M Marsdin

Halfway:                  X73 Zephyr                Peter Taylor

75th Anniversary Bowl:    X55 Falconet   A Perry, R Parker, J Dunn, P Lawrence

Measurers Model:                X26 Catherine  Colin McKinnon, Neil, Ros Hart

Skua Trophy:                        X91 Astralita

David Lipscombe Trophy: X50  Xcitation

Dion’s Decanter:                  X 50 Xcitation

Dick Hoare Memorial Trophy: X152 Beaver C & Clare Blevins, W &  P Plant,  M Marsdin

Lone Star:                           Al Ashford                  X 174 Foxglove

Grenfell Challenge Cup:  Nicki Cath                   X189 Onyx

Hands Cup:                         Ged Roope                   X 101 Thora





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