Coronation Challenge Cup

The season is well and truly over but it can’t pass without mentioning a few words about the Coronation Challenge Cup which was presented at the XOD Class Association prize giving and AGM held in November.

The last time Itchenor was awarded this trophy was in 2010. This years winner is Barry Field who who has shown commitment, perseverance and improvement both in the long and short term.

Barry has competed in approximately 500 races including Wednesday Evening Racing in 6 years racing in both Ilex X130 & Merlin X160.

With regard to perseverance and commitment Barry has improved in the Divisional Championships from 17th (2013), 15th (2014), 13th (2015) to 5th this year.

Unfortunately Barry was unable to collect his trophy at the AGM as he was unwell, so it was presented to him by David McGregor at the Christmas dinner and dance on Saturday.

Congratulations Barry – and on that note I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a successful sailing season next year.






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