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Trophies given out at Laying up Supper 2016

Trophy                    Winner         Boat Name             Crew

Autumn Trophy                      X186                        Phoenix                 C Froy, C Darling, A Shaw
Joan Shaw Memorial             X186                        Phoenix
Falling Leaf Salver                 X80                         Lass                       R Bullock,R Jordan, J Lear, JTremlett
Felix Bowl                                X80                          Lass
Haines Anniversary             X80                           Lass
Hutchison 1                             X80                          Lass
Tait Trophy                             X80                           Lass
Bridget Bowerbank              X160                         Merlin                      Barry Field, Susie Alexander
Griffith Challenge                X160                         Merlin
Hutchison 2                            X160                         Merlin
 Matson Trophy                     X160                         Merlin
Cocquette Trophy                 Susie Alexander      X160                    Merlin
Leuw Cup                                X181                          Xtravagance            S Spencer, C Litchfield, R Smythe
Maiden Stakes                      X181                          Xtravavagance
Vernon Cup                           X182                          Princess Jalina            David Palmer
Skua Trophy                         X51                             Athena                      D & R McGregor, B Coghlan
Pilsey Pint                            X184                          Quixotic                     J Alexander, D Brittain, S Dover
Stocker Salver                     X55                        Falconet               A Perry, R Parker, J Dunn, P Lawrence
April Fools Mug                  X50                            Xcitation                  R Yeoman M Moss
Westwind Trophy              X50                            Xcitation
Morton Reeves                   X50                            Xctitaion
Flavia’s Flagon                   X50                            Xcitation
Beeton Cup                          X50                            Xcitation
Beadle Bowl                         X50                            Xcitation
Vintage Cup                         X50                            Xcitation
Divisional Championship   X50                        Xcitation




Good Turnout

Saturday was fantastic with 19 boats turning out in the morning for some very competitive sailing and 20 boats in the afternoon. That has to be a record for this year.
Very long start line but difficult to navigate so 20 boats scrabbled around the pin end until the start, the over the line flag went up as we all shot off. X50 turned back and restarted but the flag remained flying throughout the race. Incredible skill from 50 who were miles behind everyone else. Slowly but surely they annihilated boats on each beat until by the end of the race they were all but in front. Sadly for them, they weren’t over the line after all, it was 177 who had sailed a brilliant course in front of everyone else!

North Easterly, plenty of sun, lots of shifty wind conditions, what more do you want on a Sunday morning? 2 races between Star and East Head, In race one, 51 was pipped at the post by 186. X80 was an all female boat, it would be good to see more all female boats out. Race 2, 50 decided to wash their spinnaker at East Head which slowed them down a bit, enabling a few of us to pass them by only to be pipped by them on the line. 177 won the race.

Photo by Sam Spencer

43 people signed up for the XOD supper, some through the club. How fab is that? Susie’s box office is now closed. Anyone else can phone the office or let them know Saturday morning at the latest.

AGM next Saturday and if you haven’t bought your Trophy back this is the last day Some trophies are still not back in their cupboard.

Too much or too little!

Well thats it, the last WER of the season is over. 11 boats out including our new recruits on 111. Well they were a bit late on the start line but made up for it in the bar later! With 50 away it was left for 39 to run aground instead. A great evening with a good wind of 15-22 knots. Sky a bit grey but hey-ho you can’t beat an evening like the sunset the other week. 20 people stayed for supper so a really lovely end to the season of evening racing. Countdown to end of season has started!IMG_1904.JPG
Hairy Scary Mary on Saturday afternoon, winds hitting 32 knots at one point, really rough, as if I wasn’t wet enough from the morning, which was bad enough. Half the time I didn’t dare look!
152 lost a backstay, 101 nearly gybed into the committee boat that had ‘parked’ in the middle of the harbour. 132 had steering problems. A Swallow capsized, but the good old solid X’s just keep going in all weathers, I love them- not the winds!
What a difference a day makes. Sunday morning sunshine and a bit of wind against tide, if only,
Wind kept dying, coming up for breath, then doing a 360, trying to sail a kite was not a lot of fun.
So which day was better! being scared or being frustrated!
See you on the water