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Harbour at its best



Today, Wednesday has been just remarkable. Everyone said they loved it and they would, wouldn’t they. Catching the last rays of sun in such a beautiful empty harbour, apart from 12 XOD’s. Who needs holidays when you have an evening like this. The bottle of wine went to me for managing all the crews this year. Very surprised but thank you Tony. It was one of the last wonderful Wednesday evenings of this year. Sunset in one direction with the moon shimmering on the water in the other. Roger Yeoman went aground twice, he’s taken over from Barry!

WER next week at 5.45pm and the final WER on 28th September will be at 5.30pm.


What a different story on Saturday, ‘The north wind doth blow’ and so it did. Alan on 55 gave his helm to Roger Wickens, who was way out in the lead with 50,160 and 26 positioning themselves behind. 50 slowly crept passed us and got near to 55 on Freddie Brooks where the surf near there was going out of the harbour! Then they saw Roger on the helm and that was it. The race was on – they overtook him and went on to win. Well, we couldn’t allow the top Sunbeamer to beat our X sailors!

Wind climbed even more for the afternoon’s race 20-25 knots, John sent them up the Thorney channel but only 5 boats went out, even Roger Yeoman, who won, with 26- 2 up – behind, admitted it was very hairy sailing. 65, 101 and 184 brought up the rear. In the morning there were several boats only 2 up which was amazing but even more so was that Bill Barnes and Jed on 101 went 2 up in the afternoon as well. Must have been very hard and quite heroic!

14 for supper so far on 15th October after the AGM. Who else is joining us?

Don’t forget the Laying up Supper on 29th October. 

Oh, and for those that don’t know (and there are some),  we have a web site with all the results and cups etc which are painfully done by Marj and put up regularly.  Double click on the XOD page of the ISC site.

So onto weekend of 24th 2 races Saturday and b2back on Sunday. Anyone looking for crew or needing a helm, reply to this email.

See you on the water