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Wind- West Wind Trophy

No wind all day on Wednesday until we arrived at the club when 20 knots registered on Cambermet. Everyone togged up to the hilt, rigged the boats and set off. Suddenly we were drifting down to Cherbourg and quickly anchored or tied up to buoys. Those that set off earlier were towed home, when suddenly the wind picked up and we sailed back only to discover the race was starting from the club line, to Itchenor and back. There were 9 swallows and X50 beat the lot of them! A really convivial evening with the Swallows. Thanks to Chris Leaver and Tony Glover for PRO-ing.
Great wind and racing on Saturday with X80 winning, X50 did a “planned pit stop” to check his bottom and X55 let X184 pass them with the 2 pilots on board!
The wind increased for the afternoon racing and Merlin, having been shoved off the start line forgot the “N” and had to return, unfortunately her crew couldn’t get the spinnaker down and so we were last!  It was a most enjoyable sail watching everyone from the back of the fleet. X186 won
OMG  the wind, the wind, the winds, were back in force on Sunday 20-28 knots, pretty hairy stuff with shedloads of water thrown in, Fortunately for me there were only 2 takers in the afternoon so Merlin checked out. Whew -saved.
Hardly any wind at the start of the final 2 races for the Westwind Trophy, one extreme to the other! X50 and X26 took it in turns to be 1st and 2nd, Colin being singlehanded!
OK so now we’re into September, I can’t believe its only a couple of months before we pack up again.
Been trying to find a wild photo of an X sailing but realised no-one in their right mind would be out taking photos on a day like Sunday!

XOD’s Join Harbour Race Week

Itchenor keel boats have been invited to join the (Fed Week) now called Chichester Harbour Race Week.
XOD’s were the only keelboat class to accept and 3 went out on Tuesday for their first days racing. 2 races were held in the afternoon. Back2back, out to beyond Treloar and back to SW Pilsey. 1st in both races were X184, Jerrold Alexander & Steve Dover, 2nd X152 Chris Blevins and James Horsley, 3rd 129 Tony Norrington, Joe Kerridge, Afterwards they repaired to the bar and received a warm welcome from the Fed team. On the way home 184 ran aground but were rescued by a kind rib from an Itchenor member. Wednesday only 2 boats raced, 184 & 152 took it in turns to win. Sadly that was it for this year. Jerrold told me it was a beautiful sail, perfect conditions and a good course. Hopefully a few more boats will enter next year.
Susie   XOD Crew Forum

Cowes Winners

Another lovely evening with 160 in the lead and 101 2nd, giving Merlin a very hard time. Behind was 103, 100 & 184 with booms in a row to the club line with 103 finishing in front. It was great to see 129 finally off her moorings and enjoying her airing. Many thanks to David Priscott for running the race and Bill Barnes for ferrying us all around on Wednesday.
Saturday and Sunday saw the last races in the summer series.Such a battle on Saturday morning with 160, 101, 100,132 & 169, Really close sailing throughout until 132 broke free and 160 overtook 1691 132 won by half a boat length. in 4th place was X39 Gone away. Well done guys.

Another battle in the afternoon with 101, 160 and 132 until Merlin decided to test the Stocker bank, it wasn’t Barry because he knows not to go aground! Anyway we managed to get off letting both 100 and 132 pass us. 101 went on to win.

Merlin got shunted off the start line on Sunday morning and was last off the mark but she made up time during the race and went on to win, Another story in the 2nd race as the wind dropped to nothing, Merlin couldn’t get off the start line and remained there for a good 15 minutes in the tide. 152, 181 and 39 made it to the edge before the wind entirely dropped. Merlin and 134 sat around waiting for the race to be abandoned, 134 waved goodbye from the rescue boat, they’d had enough, but Merlin wouldn’t give up and slowly but surely she got moving again and crept up on the others. Then it became the battle of the spinnakers, 181 winning, 152 2nd and last was Merlin. I don’t know where 39 went! Thanks to Bill Barnes for not allowing the PRO to cancel the race and for their patience of which a lot was required.

John Tremlett on Lass has done it again. Another Cowes win, so the trophy stays at Itchenor. Xcitation with Roger Yeoman came 2nd, and X91 Australia came 7th. Fantastic, guys. In fact Itchenor boats were right up there but you’ll have to look on the website for all the results.

There is still Wednesday Evening Racing for those not doing the Harbour Racing, so please still come down for 5pm. Anyone needing a helm or a crew let me know.

This weekend Saturday is Bosham SC regatta, & Sunday is ISC regatta.

See you on the water



This year there are 57 X boats entered, and 12 are from ISC
X111 Annabel, X91 Astralita, X51 Athena, X26 Catherine, X55 Falconet, X192 Felix,X174 Foxglove, X80 Lass, X82 Magic Dragon, X186 Phoenix, X188 Jalina, and of course X50 Xcitation.

If you want to follow their daily progress try

Cowes XOD Results

SO FAR our team is doing well, John Tremlett X80 won on Sat & Sun, and Roger Yeoman X50 won on Monday. Our club has won the Captains Cup for the week overall for last 6 years, so keep it up guys!

A DAY OUT? If you fancy a day trip to cheer them on Thursday is good, as the Red Arrows will be there at 7.20pm with their best display I have ever seen. On Friday there is a Typhoon air display at 7.30pm then the fireworks at 9.30pm

This prestigious trophy is awarded to the best XOD division out of the 6 around the Solent. The top 4 boats each day add their positions together and the score is added up throughout the week, the lowest total wins the week. That shield has been on the wall opposite the bar for the last 6 years.
On Saturday we had a 1st, 3rd, 9th & 12th.
On Sunday it was 1st, 3rd, 4th and 7th
On Monday it was 1st, 5th, 9th and 11th, so you see the team is showing what a very strong fleet we have from ISC as there are 50 boats in the race. The shield retention is looking good, but there are still 4 more days to go.

COWES RADIO: There is daily commentary on the racing live on the website or 87.7 FM. If you want to follow the racing, try:

Maybe next year some of the boats still at home may fancy giving it a go? Cheers

Alan Perry X55 Falconet
PS the reason Falconet is doing so well at Cowes is that I am not on board!

1st Weekend in August


No-one could beat 103 with the double James on board, we tried -very hard – 101 was 2nd on Saturday morning. Different story in the afternoon. the wind got up to 15-20 knots. 160 got up close and personal to 101 till the finishing line and came 2nd. For the first time in my sailing history I didn’t put on waterproofs with wind over tide and have never been so wet!

Very few boats out on Sunday but 2 good courses were set down to Dunes.
Both starts were really good for everyone but 160 put on the rocket propellers and got ahead and managed to stay there. 2nd race was different 100 decided enough was enough and put on her dancing shoes and 160 had the battle of the sails, until they were finally through and went on to win.
Photo is for X152


So far there are 5 boats doing the 3 day Harbour racing. Please let Chris Blevins know if you are intending to join in the fun. Thats Tues 16th, Wed 17th, and Thur 18th. of August.

Cowes week has begun and X80 won Saturday and Sunday race with X50 in 3rd place Saturday and X91 in 3rd place Sunday

This week apart from Wednesday there are 2 races Saturday and back2back on Sunday. If you need crew or want to crew please let me know.

For those that don’t like wearing life jackets: a Sunbeam crew fell off her boat during a gybe, out at Treloar, and got hit by the boat whilst in the water without a life jacket. They were 2 up. Fortunately it wasn’t the helm who fell out. Not a lot of fun I think!