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4th & 5th June…

Saturday was no wind, so the morning race was cancelled.  Those enthusiastic souls that came back at lunch time had a brilliant race.  Just 5 boats, 10 knots, a nice short course and tea and cake on the lawn.  Delightful.
CYC Regatta was a bit of a damp squid, 7 boats started, Marty Tudor ran aground and had to be towed home.  The rest of us fought with very light, north easterly, flukey winds until the race officer called it a day and finished us in line.  First was Roger Yeoman.



Windy WER

After thinking there was too much wind on Wednesday, the boats that turned up had a good race with John driving Beaver miles in front of everyone else!  Thora came in a magnificent 2nd.

Thanks to David, David & Charley for running the race.

Hutcheson 1 & 2


What a wonderful feeling being first round the first mark, first round the third, miles in front of all the top dogs – then the smile is wiped off your face when you realise you’ve missed North of Sandhead and have to go back.  Oh well you can’t win them all. X80 went on to win.

The afternoon race was equally exciting 160 was neck and neck with 26, and 65 sometimes in front sometimes behind, until the last leg when we dropped behind and 80 came up just behind us.  At the very last second 160 snuck round the committee boat to finish just ahead of 65.  Great race with 26 winning.


More exciting racing Sunday.  In the afternoon 50, in the lead, didn’t know the course and 80 gave it him from behind.  Stanbury to Ellanore.  For some strange reason they decided to follow one another to East Head. 160, 116 and 158 kept going toward Ellanore.  The problem for the rest of the fleet became immediately apparent.  Do they follow the hot shots like sheep -as they won’t have made an error- or do they follow the three other boats.  Most went with the hot shots, so there was very close racing left with 160, 158 & 116. 160 managed to get in the lead just before Park at the end of the race when out of the blue, sails John in 80 who slips round Park into first place.  Unbelievable!!  Oh well there’s always next week!


Cold winds from the North that were ‘Fresh to exciting’ at times.  80 lead at Star & were never headed on a course that took the feet across the harbour to Channel & back.  186 with only a novice 2nd on board sailed impressively to hold off the advances 0f 188 & 26.

80 won the weekend from 160 & 50.

WER with Roger and X39’ers in charge…

Wear, Rookwood, 8, TP, 8, TP, F, sounds good doesn’t it, except for the tide which was roaring out at a rate of knots and emptying the harbour as fast as it could.  Out of 7 boats 5 went aground, some several times!  Fortunately Merlin was, for once, in my good books, with a perfect dipper on board, Michael, we didn’t even touch the bottom.  Problem was not everyone could get to Wear….

So Roger decided to have another race, Wear, Park and home.

Merlin thought it was all in the bag, being way in front until suddenly out of nowhere came 101 gliding past like they were ice skating.  I still don’t believe they went round all the marks!  From behind came excellent instructions to 192 to get them moving faster and great cheers went out when they did.