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WER 8.

Cambermet web site was reading zero on the journey down the two AROs were sure they were going to have an early evening finish.

However a very pleasant Force 2 to 3 northerly wind answered our prayers and we succeeded in having two races on a glorious but coolish Summers evening.  Only two boats managed to avoid grounding and some of the others managed it two or three times!

The AROs meanwhile had some tuition whilst the tail end charlie was given some excellent coaching by Roger sail trim – if in doubt let it out!

Supper as always was delicious and there seemed to be many happy faces in the clubhouse after the racing.

Thanks to Roger, Anthony & Chris.


Susie’s notes…

Well yes, you’re right.  We did go out on Wednesday evening.  John sent us to South West Pilsey, 9 of us with watery sunshine and pleasant winds – that is until the rain hit us.  The blackest cloudburst opened and emptied its water so hard that it flattened the surface of the sea and us! X186 and 80 had a fight to the finish with John winning.  Barry went aground again, why won’t he listen to me, or was it Richards fault?  We came back late, soaked, cold, hungry and in need of a drink! Steak and chips – delicious!

Saturday am more than a dozen boats were sent to Calvert, SW Pilsey, Treloar and home, 50,26, 80, 51 and 160 kept up the procession until 101 decided to join in and pass 160 finishing in 5th place.  Apparently there was lots of shifting places at the back of the fleet.
Saturday PM was scary and exciting, at the same time.  We were 2 up, it was a short course.  Wind against tide and pouring with rain.  15-20 knots of wind, East head, round a mark at the Thorney Channel twice, then Astra, Ellanore and home.  With such a short course we all got tangled up at every mark, screaming and yelling from other boats and a lot of cursing at every gybe from the female crew of X160, we were keeping up with everyone else until all the Swallows descended on us and took all our wind- well thats my excuse anyway, the spinnaker handling was excellent!!
Must mention 184 beat 39 and 160 they were dead chuffed!  And well done 152 for coming 3rd.


Open day and guess what,no wind!  All towed down and sailed around until the very late start.  X160 went aground on the first tack while 2 other boats went further inshore and tacked and came out again while we sat on our hump waiting to be rescued.  Anyway a fun race with all our guests.

So down to the serious stuff, we’re racing for the Hutcheson Cup, this weekend. 2 on Saturday 2 on Sunday and back2back on Monday 30th.
See you on the water

Susie Alexander
XOD Crew Forum

Round up

Oh the winds, the winds, where were they on Wednesday evening. Cambermet tried so hard to raise itself above 0 for more that a few minutes but failed miserably.  People went owl hunting instead!

John T was PRO on Saturday, so 2 very good courses.  Alastair Shaw went aground in the morning, I suspect with Lucy on board, he was bird watching.  I don’t know what Barry’s excuse was in the afternoon!  Really hot racing between the top of the fleet lots of place changing going on.  A beat down to Dunes sorted out a lot of the fleet followed by a spinnaker run back to Park kept everyone busy.

My first race to Seaview- really good start- until we hit the harbour mouth then we became a bucking bronco and I began to wonder what on earth I was doing.  50 80, 55, 51, 160 and 134 turned right, the rest went straight on.  I couldn’t understand why we had to visit Hayling Island, Langstone Harbour, Spinnaker tower and Portsmouth on the way to Isle of Wight!  X134 decided to go looking for shells on the beach at Hayling and X55 thought they’d stop for ice-cream off Southsea beach.  Being on the water from 8.30 to 1pm took its toll on the female form and for the first time the men had to face forward for a very long time while certain adjustments were carried out at the back of the boat while beating.
Excellent lunch- then all three ladies crews helmed their boats home.  Oh and David Palmer listened to the weather forecast before the racing and put himself in the best position to come first a good 12 1/2 minutes before X 50, followed by X80.  He celebrated by giving all of the entrants a glass of bubbles on arrival.

X's 12

Princess Jalina; returning victorious from Seaview

Don’t forget to let me know if they’re any spaces on Wednesday.  I’ve already 2 people wanting a ride.
Saturday 2 races am and PM and Sunday, one race at 11am.  Its the club Open Day so be prepared to take guests.
See you on the water
XOD Crew Forum

WER Bird Spotting.

During our walk before supper we watched a short eared owl hunting on the saltings . If you expand the centre of the picture you can see some lovely eyes.  Shame about the wind.





Sun, sun, sun…

… and even wind for Saturdays racing, it was so hot we stripped off in the morning then at the 5 minute gun we rapidly redressed as change of plan – we were sent down the harbour to Mill Rithe and Pivot.  Those that sailed through the cut did better than the rest.


I have enjoyed being a boat tart but great to be back in Merlin the Rocket.  New mast and ready to roll, so watch out we’re coming to get you!!  Well, trying to anyway.

The afternoon race was really exciting we were in the top 3 and if you’re up there you have to work doubly hard to stay there.  Great race, great guys.  The hardest task of the day was to sail back to the mooring which took almost as long as the race with three attempts to get in reach of the buoy!

Anyway all good fun so next week 2 races Saturday then on Sunday its out of harbour racing starting at 09.30!!  Let me know if you want to crew or need a crew.

Skippers, please let me know if you can take a crew on Wednesdays, thank you.

See you on the water.

XOD Crew Forum

Absolutely stunning!

Absolutely stunning, I can’t think of a better word, the harbour empty, sunny and warm except for our 7 X’s.  2 guests came out, borrowing the wet gear.

X134 managed to go aground with one guest before the start but that won them the Probert prize of a bottle of wine, maybe they did it on purpose!

The course was a simple Peacock and Park three time round then home to the bar.  John as usual, way ahead of everyone else, X65 was in hot pursuit but at the last minute let X192 pass him with John Long instructing from the fordeck, X184 made the error of tacking at just wrong time which let X65 through to third place.