Hand’s Cup

Hands Cup

Hand’s Cup

Presented by W T Wallace in 1938.

A trophy for crews who are categorised as “regular, current XOD crews” who would not normally race an XOD without supervision. 

Other regular, current crews who are able to sail an XOD without supervision may also race but will not be eligible for the Hands Cup.  A separate prize may be awarded.

The Divisional Class Captain shall be the  sole arbiter of eligibility for the Hands Cup.  Crews wishing to race for the Hands Cup should determine their eligibility prior to the race

Previous winners


2018 X188 Princess Jalina Nichola Cook
2017 X101 Thora Ged Roope
2016 X182 Princess Jalina N Cook
2015 X 152 Beaver W Plant
2014 X 55 Falconet J Dunn
2013 X174 Foxglove J Ashford
2012 Not sailed
2011 Not sailed
2010 X 39 Gone Away A Gibbon
2009 X  71 Wenda P Ash
2008 X  71 Wenda P Ash
2007 X114 Cariad R Wootton
2006 X116 Thalia Dr M Greig
2005 X116 Thalia Mrs D Jolley
2004 X181 Xtravagance R Wootton
2003 X116 Thalia Miss E Powell
2001 X 16 Mystery D A Moate
2000 X186 Onyx J Holmes