Cowes Classics – Day 1 – July 22

Clear blue skies and a wind off the “North Island” gave us challenging racing in variable winds.  A good position on the line was critical – even more so in these conditions.  Then the decision on which way to go to the windward mark.  In the first race those who went left scored over those who went right and they scored over those who took a conservative middle route.

In the first race one of those to benefit from the choice of route to the windward mark was David McGregor’s Annabel who finished in a super 2nd place.  David Palmer’s Princess Jalina with Julia Plumstead crewing was 6th, just ahead of Alastair Ashford’s Foxglove in 8th. Itchenor boats that got the wrong side of the shifts were Beaver 46th, Thora 47th and Judy 48th.

So room for improvement in the 2nd race!

With slightly more pressure for the next race the fleet set off North to a windward mark set near Hill Head buoy and a longer 1st leg than in the morning.  Relaxation was one of the clear leaders at both windward and subsequent leeward mark.  Then it all turned inside out.  Boats who went right gained significantly over those who took the left hand track.  As a demonstration of the effect the variable wind can have  Relaxation went from 2nd at the end of the 1st round to 31st at the finish.

Foxglove had another solid race with a 4th.  Thora had learned lessons from the morning and finished 11th, with Annabel close on their heels in 12th and Falconet 15th to add to their 11th in the first race.

Overall Foxglove and Annabel are looking good in 4th and 5th places, with Princess Jalina and Falconet in 10th and 11th.


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